Thanks to Cimview,
You can be sure that your technical facilities are operating properly

To supervise and control large-scale technical facilities, you have to be able to process a large number of remote readings and measurements in real time, and monitor facilities from off-site.

This area has become more and more complex as private and public companies have become increasingly competitive.

Cimview, a forerunner to SCADA

At the end of the 1980s, in the wake of successive restructuring efforts, an increasing number of large companies cut their facility monitoring teams dramatically.
A further difficulty was then added to this lack of resources: each new computerisation project meant the addition of another specific monitoring tool running in parallel with the existing systems. As a result, site managers had to deal with a lack of vertical integration which made it difficult to correlate management information with data from the field. Meanwhile, operators found themselves having to cope with the major difficulty of monitoring significant data that was produced by totally different systems using man-machine interfaces, no two of which were the same.
Finally, the production manager needed to be able to keep track of his facilities in real time while simultaneously accessing historical data for analysis to understand and rectify the situation.

Cimview, SCADA and distributed archiving

This is why we created Cimview. It provides a single operating interface that brings together all the relevant data required for the remote management of facilities, both large and small.

This information is then redistributed automatically to operating stations and third-party applications in real time.

Today, Cimview is used all over the world by public and private companies managing major infrastructures: buildings, water and energy distribution networks, steel factories, and so on. We guarantee the ongoing continuity of these systems.

DCI : Data acquisition engine

  • Automatic gathering of raw data direct from the source: programmable automatic devices, specific equipment, mathematical models, etc.
  • OPC DA interface, open for custom protocols
  • High acquisition rate
  • High level of security, very low risk of error

GOI : Unified operator interface

  • Control commands via graphic displays incorporating data from all sources
  • Lists of alarms
  • Trend curves and histories
  • Graphic display editor

  • High display rate (< 100ms)

Kernel : The key to distributing event history

  • Transparent distribution of data between Cimview units, even for facilities at different geographical locations
  • Processing capability of over 10 000 events per second
  • Time-stamp management to 0.01 ms in absolute time
  • High level of security, very low risk of error

AMS : Archiving and processing of time-related data

  • Automatic supply of reliable data in real time to third-party applications
  • Archiving of all events in absolute time
  • Processing capability of over 10 000 events per second
  • Open to .NET applications for real time and historical data