Management of coils and slabs yards

Product traceability
and yards optimisation

Fluxx traces all crane actions and ensures 100% traceability of products. Fluxx suggests jobs to crane operators or operates automatic cranes. Fluxx optimises distribution of load between the cranes in your stocks. Product location is calculated according to your requirements :

  • Quality : oiled products, packaged products, etc.
  • Safety : rules concerning stacking heights, weight, stability etc.
  • Logistics : dedicated zones etc.
  • Production : bringing together scheduled products etc.

Completion of jobs according to your priorities

Fluxx is continually optimising loading, unloading, supply, grouping, sorting and other jobs according to your priorities :

  • Bringing the products from the lines and quay to where they are expected
  • Ensuring that the lines always have products available
  • Limiting waiting times for truck and train, etc.

Benefits at all levels

A Fluxx project conducted in conjunction with change management will bring profitability in a few months :

  • No more shipment errors ! Fluxx guarantees traceability throughout the logistical chain.
  • Reduction of scraps : Fluxx reduces the number of handling and therefore the risk of damage.
  • Increased safety: Fluxx eliminates all needs for ground searches and thus reduces the numbers of staff exposed.
  • Production : space no longer has to be left on the ground for personnel, the reduction in space between spans increases the capacity of storage areas.
  • No more inventory errors ! One complete inventory per year is enough.

Fluxx works with your existing cranes

In order to meet the objectives of complete traceability, the cranes must be instrumented to know the position and loading of each crane and the loading of the tongs in real time.
This instrumentation (laser, radio positioning, encoders, scale, etc.) depends on the configuration of the cranes and halls.

Your Fluxx application

Integration of Fluxx helps create a local solution adapted to your specific needs :

  • Connection with your production management
  • Interface with monitoring of production lines
  • Integration of your business logic etc.