Our vision of the MES
The right information for the right person at the right place, in real time

Manufacturing Execution System

The "MES" divides the functions of computer systems into ERP – the world of management – automated systems and supervision.

The MESA defines the MES according to its 11 functions :

  • Data collection and acquisition
  • Performance analysis
  • Product tracking and genealogy
  • Operations detailed sequencing
  • Document control
  • Dispatching production units
  • Labour management
  • Quality management
  • Management of preventive and curative maintenance
  • Resource allocation and status
  • Process management

For Synthetis, the central aspect of the MES is the real-time management of your activities.

Of course, for your plant area's to be managed properly, the information needs to be received in real time. This information must be capable of being interpreted rapidly so that good decisions can be taken. The impact of your decisions must be immediately assessable in order to anticipate consequences and concentrate on priority issues.
For Synthetis, this can take a number of different forms :

  • Production plans synchronised between plant area's with management of the limited storage of semi-finished products.
  • Carrying out manual receipt operations in sync with automated processes.
  • Balancing flows in workshops in real time...

A progressive MES developing around the central aspect of real time

All other functions are centred on real time :

  • Updating scheduling based on current situation
  • Constitution of batch file, recording of traceability and of genealogical links
  • Reference documents available in the context of production
  • Automatic release of batches, etc.