The Synthetis Approach :
an MES adapted to suit your situation

Synthetis offers made-to-measure solutions,
based on reusable software "bricks" :

  • A real-time engine for building reactive applications.
  • A standard "framework" for building an application quickly.
  • Components used in projects and adapted according to needs.

Synthetis builds applications designed to meet plant area requirements by adapting the software to suit the plant area and not the other way round !

A study, an effective way of managing your project.

Synthetis offers to support its clients upstream from the projects. Synthetis leads the thinking on areas for improvement. The study starts by identifying potential and taking account of restrictions, in order to propose a suitable solution and, where necessary, progressive introduction.
Working together with a key contact person in your organisation, Synthetis provides :

  • Functional study of the various aspects of the project.
  • Information flow study.
  • Study of information systems in place and of their potential added value.
  • Detailed examination of organisational and technical requirements.
  • Searching for and validating suitable technical solutions.
  • Consistent project plan that meets your expectations and takes account of your requirements.
  • Definition of priorities, phases and overall budget.