Our conception of the MES
Seen through a few specific cases

Our packaging line management approach

This application is principally a system for monitoring packaging line. The aim is to qualify the use of time lines and machines. The production and non-production time is broken down according to OEE categories and also according to the standards of our client's group.

The distinctive feature of this application is that it accurately measures stops, micro-stops and lines slowdowns. Accurate measurement of lines slowdowns allows the operator to provide justification and thus include these losses in the OEE analyses.

The graphic interface for this project has been carefully designed to allow the operator to provide very accurate justification for these stops in just a few clicks or "taps". This project provides a good combination of giving a detailed analysis for continuous improvement and taking account of the operator's real situation.

Finally, dynamic analysis tools have been integrated so that key users can define their own control panels without depending on computer support or integration.

Our client's plan is to introduce real-time management of the production plan, in association with SAP, supply of materials and line monitoring.

Example of execution of receipts and automatic batch release

This application covers numerous functional aspects :

  • Quality : lot release with automatic validation of all critical control points. The application records all of the analog data and calculates syntheses for each batch.
  • Operation : management of receipts in sync with automatic devices and operator guidance.
  • Methods : management of production operations.
  • integration with SAP : Sending of BOMs and POs and confirmation of POs.
  • Monitoring of performance levels in a batch plant area : qualification of non-production time and standard batch time deadlines missed.

This application is within the "Core Model" logic :

  • The solution is deployed on 3 plants.
  • Only the configuration changes – the application is 100% standard despite a slight difference in equipment's between plants.
  • The user language is managed globally on site or by the user.

A case of real-time optimisation of batches: mathematics in the service of production.

Our client has asked us to provide a solution that optimises its batch production process in order to :

  • Guarantee semi-finished product composition: constant consistency, physical and chemical characteristics and stable taste.
  • Minimise formulation costs by making best use of the raw materials available.

For this project, Synthetis has managed to :

  • Optimise the formulae mathematically, taking account of multiple restrictions: availability, price, physical and chemical composition, lot size etc. (use of Simplex and MIPS algorithms).
  • Automate the creation of master formulations.
  • Automatically integrate reworks according to stock levels.

Benefits :

  • Substantial reduction in cost price.
  • Much less rework generated.
  • Increased packaging performance because of improved product stability.
  • Time saved for preparation of production.