Advice to help guide your projects
Every step of the way

To help plan your projects smoothly, our teams can analyse the way your workshop operates and gain an idea of the aims of each person involved.
We calculate the ROI of each potential improvement with you.
This analytical workteh yields an action plan in the form of a set of specifications that will allow you solution to be implemented within your own context.

Opportunity study :

  • Interview with the various parties involved : production, maintenance, operations management, quality, logistics, board members, etc.
  • Summary of targets and resources to be implemented in response
  • Proposal and study of different improvement pathways
  • Drafting and presentation of the master plan

Requirements analysis :

  • Formalising user requirements
  • Background study and drafting of an analysis dossier
  • Coaching your teams to take your analyses in the right direction

Specifications :

  • Highlighting and structuring project objectives
  • Formalising the project
  • Describing expected functionality
  • Defining both parties commitments for the project implementation
  • Assistance in selecting potential suppliers, if required

Pre-projet :

  • Functional study of the various aspects of the project
  • Detailed examination of organisational and technical constraints
  • Search for appropriate technical solutions
  • Project plan consistent with your expectations, taking into account your constraints

Support :

  • Project preparation assistance
  • Helping facilitate the process of change acceptance by involving your teams
  • Training on the platform and at workstations
  • Presence and support during the start-up phase of the project

Energy optimisation :

  • Energy mapping carried out based on measurement programmes
  • Analysis of consumption profiles in correlation with your production plan
  • Assistance in establishing an investment plan