Support and management
Guaranteeing continuity and constant progress

To guarantee high-quality follow-up and support for you, we provide the support you need in-house.
Our team of engineers fully understands all aspects of our solutions and projects.
We are always on hand to answer specific questions about using or configuring the solutions, keeping your needs in mind.
To provide you with fast and effective answers, we often handle applications remotely from off-site.
We can also offer you our application management service, which includes fixes and reliability enhancements for your projects, as well as the development of new functionalities that meet your requirements.
This means that our durable solutions guarantee you continuity and constant progress.

Support :

  • Continuity of contact by telephone and e-mail
  • Diagnostics for any incidents, managing your site remotely if necessary
  • Responses appropriate to the criticality level of the incident
  • Ensuring availability of developments in software

Application management :

  • Ensuring the continuity of operations dependent on industrial IT applications
  • Monitoring the good condition of your applications, and remote intervention in the event of an incident (with guaranteed follow-up)
  • Upkeep and management of contact with principal users