For a more human and more efficient industry

Our mission

Bringing high value-added software solutions to industry for niche businesses.

Synthetis is a publisher of specialised software solutions for the industry.

Synthetis offers support services for its clients and partners. Synthetis offers turnkey integration services for its software products and also solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Synthetis supports its industrial customers to guarantee the 24/7 operation of its software.

Our engineers and developers have acquired solid experience in the development of business solutions with many manufacturers.

Our customers include companies present in various sectors such as:

  • The steel industry
  • The agri-food industry
  • Cosmetic and hygiene products
  • Automotive and tyres
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Discrete manufacturing industries
  • Utilities...

Our values

Synthetis prizes lasting relationships with its customers, and these are always conducted in line with our values.:

  • Respect: At Synthetis, we put respect at the heart of everything we do.
    At Synthetis, we act with goodwill and transparency. Our employees share a relationship of trust.
    Synthetis gives everyone opportunities to grow.
    The same applies to our customers and partners, with whom we seek to establish long-term relationships.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a major ambition for us.
    It is essential to our brand image, to our reputation.
    Customer satisfaction is earned through the performance of our solutions and the quality of our collaboration.
  • Commitment: We have a mission to produce results, so everyone, whatever their level, shoulders their responsibilities to guarantee the success of the project as a whole.
  • Team: It is through effective teamwork that Synthetis will achieve the best results.
    For a company, success is the result of a combination of factors. The people in it and the cohesion with which they all make their contribution.
    Employees who are recognised for their know-how and are focused on a common goal will do their best to ensure the company’s success.
  • Ambition: Synthetis wants to grow and continue to provide added value for its customers
    We want to continue to be a leader from a business perspective, through the provision of easy-to-use know-how. Our customers’ businesses must be at the heart of our software.

Our history

35 years of supervision, management and optimisation of industrial processes:


PeopleForce is stepping up its growth with its SaaS version. After China, Fluxx is now targeting every continent Synthetis is rolling out its first project in North America

The CPG division of Schneider Electric integrates the "&nbspPeopleForce " product in its "WorkForce management" suite.


Synthetis redesigns the "Cockpit" product to meet the growing demand of Industry 4.0.

Synthetis carries out its first Fluxx software installation in China for BAO Steel, the Chinese steel leader.


Synthetis concludes a partnership agreement with Schneider Electric "Hoisting Business Centre" for the integration of Fluxx in the automated yard offer.

Synthetis redesigns the Fluxx product to meet the demand for Transport Management System and Warehouse Management System.


Creation of a skills centre with ArcelorMittal dedicated to the "Fluxx" product.

Transfer of Synthetis SA to its managers.


Creation of the "PeopleForce" product in close collaboration with two industrial clients.

Development of the Fluxx product, software for steel logistics for several Arcelor sites.


Creation of Synthetis Metals SA, a subsidiary of Synthetis dedicated to the steel industry.

Launch of "Prospeo" and "Cockpit", Synthetis' first "MES" suite.


Synthetis SA takes over the product "Cimview".

Acquisition by Aspentech.


Cimtech launches "Cimview", a product dedicated to industrial SCADA.