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the steel industry

In the steel industry, a lot of investments have been made in production lines. Logistics is now a department in which the potential for productivity is greatest. The production staff has been reduced to its simplest expression with very advanced technological means. However, in logistics, there is a large and often under-equipped staff.

Synthetis is a recognised player in the modernisation of sites in the steel industry. Synthetis focuses on the optimisation of logistics: storage management and transport management.

The Synthetis offer

  • Synthetis provides solutions that are simple and quick to implement.
  • In addition, Synthetis offers highly advanced solutions for the optimisation of fully automated yards based on the power of artificial intelligence.

Synthetis also produces custom production management systems for specialised sites.

Synthetis - Steel industry - Logistics optimization

Among our references

Synthetis - Référence - Arcelor Mittal
Synthetis - Référence - Baosteel
Synthetis - Référence - Baosteel
Synthetis - Référence - Aperam
Synthetis - Référence - Arceo
Synthetis - Référence - Industeel
Synthetis - Référence - NMLK
Synthetis - Référence - Liège Dudelange

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