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hygiene and cosmetic sector

The cosmetics and hygiene sector covers both luxury goods and consumer goods – and by extension industrial hygiene products. The sector is mostly held by large groups. The structural growth of the sector is higher than the average of the others.

The industrial tool must constantly adapt to meet the needs of the consumer. This involves multiple projects due to the rapid renewal of the product range and recurrent marketing innovations.

The sector is very competitive, although with high margins. Research and development brings a steady stream of projects. The demands of consumers leave little room for error, implying increased quality management.

Historically, this sector has invested little in production management solutions. Today, investment in Industry 4.0 tools in the broadest sense is very important.

The Synthetis offer

  • Management of production personnel
  • Production scheduling
  • Measuring the performance of the means of production
  • Digitalisation of quality control, traceability and production documents...

Among our references

Synthetis - Référence - Vandeputte
Synthetis - Référence - Essity
Synthetis - Référence - KC
Synthetis - Référence - Unilever
Synthetis - Référence - Ecolab

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