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The pharmaceutical sector covers both human and veterinary medicine. This sector is highly internationalised and concentrated. It is characterised by a huge R&D cost and a very long time to market.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are distinguished by a sophisticated manufacturing process. They are subject to numerous legislative measures. Production meets very strict national and international quality standards guaranteeing the respect of hygiene, environment and safety.

The production units are relatively dispersed. They must make heavy investments to maintain their production tools and guarantee the validation of the approach and the qualification of the equipment.

Fine chemicals is a process industry whose activity consists in manufacturing products by controlled chemical synthesis. Close to the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemicals (or specialty chemicals) manufacture compounds and active ingredients that will be used in finished products. These active compounds are produced from the products of basic chemistry.

Chemistry is today one of the main actors of the economy of our western countries and one of the most innovative sectors with substantial budgets devoted to research and development.

The pharmaceutical industry and the fine chemicals industry have very early, under regulatory pressure, invested in IT systems for quality management and traceability.

Today, there are still areas where few tools are in place, such as packaging performance monitoring and scheduling. Another example is the special subject of production personnel management. Indeed, it is very sensitive to the management of skills and authorisations. The formalisation of the training cycle is also very important.

The Synthetis offer

  • Management of production personnel
  • Production scheduling
  • Measuring the performance of the production means
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Among our references

Synthetis - Référence - UCB Pharma
Synthetis - Référence - Merck
Synthetis - Référence - GSK
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Synthetis - Référence - Zoetis
Synthetis - Référence - Fresenius Kabi

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