Our solutions for agri-food

The agri-food sector is made up of large groups and family-owned companies whose sites are generally medium to small in size, compared to other industries.

Industrial food production is often synonymous with high volumes at low margins and a wide variety of products. The significant competition and the innovations expected by the consumers push the agri-food sector towards a search for constant improvement and require flexibility in the organisation of the production. The food industry is characterised by a large workforce and production variability, requiring many skills and regular use of temporary workers.

Historically, this sector has not been well equipped with production management tools, such as MES, and has largely relied on Excel-based solutions. Today, the food industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Industry 4.0 is a natural part of the transformation process of the agri-food sector. These innovations not only improve productivity but also reduce manufacturing costs.

The Synthetis offer

  • Management of production personnel
  • Production scheduling
  • Measuring the performance of the means of production
  • Digitalisation of quality control, traceability and production documents...

Among our references

Synthetis - Référence - Savencia
Synthetis - Référence - General Mills
Synthetis - Référence - Intersnack
Synthetis - Référence - Delacre
Synthetis - Référence - Brets Altho
Synthetis - Référence - Tipiak
Synthetis - Référence - Mondelez International
Synthetis - Référence - C&D Foods
Alsace Lait
Synthetis - Référence - Mademoiselle Desserts
Synthetis - Référence - Fleury Michon
Synthetis - Référence - Cafea
Synthetis - Référence - Findus
Synthetis - Référence - Ardenne Volaille
Synthetis - Référence - Mars Chocolat
Synthetis - Référence - Veuve Clicquot
Synthetis - Référence - Viskase
Synthetis - Référence - United Biscuits
Synthetis - Référence - Ferrero
Synthetis - Référence - Groupe Lactalis
Synthetis - Référence - Agrana
Synthetis - Référence - Hennessy
Synthetis - Référence - Eurial
Synthetis - Référence - Moët & Chandon
Synthetis - Référence - Carambar & co
Synthetis - Référence - ABInBev
Synthetis - Référence - Unilever
Synthetis - Référence - Blédina

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