Maintenance of our historical SCADA product

With Cimview, ensure the proper functioning of your technical installations

Cimview, the forerunner of SCADA

In the late 1980s, with successive restructurings, more and more large companies drastically reduced their facility management teams.

This lack of resources was compounded by an additional difficulty. Indeed, each new automation project went hand in hand with the addition of its own control tool, parallel to the existing systems.

As a result, the site manager was faced with the lack of vertical integration allowing the permanent linking of management information with field data. As for the operator, they were confronted with a major difficulty in monitoring significant data from totally heterogeneous systems, through disparate man-machine interfaces.

Finally, the production manager had to be able to monitor their installations in real time and access historical data to analyse, understand and certify.

Cimview, SCADA and distributed archiving

We then created Cimview, which brings together all the relevant data for the remote management of facilities, from the smallest to the largest, in a single operator interface.

This information is then automatically redistributed to the control stations and to third-party applications in real time.

Today, Cimview is still used by public and private companies managing large infrastructures: buildings, water and energy distribution networks, steel sites, etc. Synthetis ensures its maintenance and durability.

Cimview is supervision software adapted to very large configuration

Cimview’s modular design allows for a distributed architecture across multiple servers for real-time data acquisition, archiving and processing.

Cimview’s fully event-driven operation allows for a very high level of responsiveness with a large number of visualisation stations.

Cimview has a built-in “historian” that allows you to archive tens of thousands of acquired variables.

These cutting-edge characteristics have enabled Synthetis to maintain Cimview in optimal operation for many years, guaranteeing the sustainability of its industrial clients’ heavy investments.

Acquisition engine

  • Automatic collection of raw data as close as possible to their source: programmable logic controllers, specific equipment, mathematical models, etc
  • OPC DA interface and openness to specific protocols
  • High-speed acquisition capability
  • A high level of security and a very low risk of error

Unified operator interface

  • Monitoring and control via synoptics integrating data from all sources
  • Alarm lists
  • Trend and history curves
  • Synoptic editor
  • High speed display capability (< 100ms)

The heart of event distribution

  • Seamless distribution of information between Cimview stations, even for geographically distributed installations
  • Processing capacity of over 10,000 events per second
  • Timestamp management at 0.01 ms in absolute time
  • A high level of security and a very low risk of error

Archiving and processing of temporal data

  • Real-time automated feeding of reliable data to third-party applications
  • Archiving of all events in absolute time
  • Processing capacity of over 10,000 events per second
  • Open to .NET applications for real-time and historical data

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