Optimisation of logistics for the steel industry

Storage and handling of products
Management of internal and external transport

WMS - Warehouse Management System

In the steel industry, logistics is a major source of optimisation for coils, slabs, beams, packaged products, etc

Inside the halls, product traceability and staff safety are the main issues. The same goes for feeding the lines with the right product just in time.

To optimise transport operations and the supply of production lines, the challenge is to avoid unnecessary movements of handling equipment: cranes, transfer cars, conveyors, roller tables, etc

TMS - Transport Management System

The optimisation of transport at a steel site concerns the reception, the shipments and the internal movements of the site.

For trucks, the challenge is to eliminate or limit the need for personnel to access the site, direct them to the parking lots and loading and unloading docks, while reducing waiting times.

Supply Chain priorities guide the optimisation of loading plans for internal movements: pallets, trains or trucks, as well as recurring shipments.

Fluxx - WMS and TMS solution

  • Traceability and storage optimisation
  • Movement proposition for crane operators
  • Intelligent control of automatic cranes, conveyors and transfer cars
  • Optimisation of internal transfers
  • Optimisation of loading plans
  • Management of truck access and orientation on the site

Fully configurable

  • Web interface including 3D visualisation
  • Mobile devices
  • Scalability to meet specific needs
  • Communication with ERP, MES, PLCs and existing systems
  • Simulation environment and digital twin

Fluxx in a yard
profitability in a few months

Elimination of shipping errors
Fluxx guarantees full traceability throughout the supply chain.

Reduction of scrap
Fluxx reduces the number of handling operations and thus the risk of damage.

Increased safety
Fluxx eliminates the need for ground search and therefore reduces staff travel. Fluxx always suggests secure locations based on the physical characteristics of the products.

Larger storage capacity
The reduction in the amount of floor space required for personnel between rows allows for an increase in yard capacity.

No more unnecessary remanufacturing
Fluxx eliminates the need for product search and therefore unnecessary remanufacturing.

Hot loading
In the case of slabs, Fluxx maximises the possibility of hot loading.

Fluxx very quickly profitable
on an entire site!

Reduction of logistic costs
Fluxx always chooses the optimal means of transport.

Reduction in working capital requirements (WCR)
Faster product transfer reduces the need for safety stock.

Fewer line stoppages
Fluxx reduces production lines downtime caused by unavailable programmed products or congested line exits.

Customers delivered faster
Fluxx optimises the logistics chain to meet delivery deadlines.

Supply chain integration
As Fluxx already knows the products when they arrive at the docks, reception is faster, requires less handling and does not lead to errors.

Added value, from the simple project to the most optimised site

A simple application for total traceability and greater efficiency

  • Fluxx allows the management of yards with manual cranes when equipped with position and load sensors.
  • Fluxx communicates with your production management and the MES of the lines.
  • Fluxx guides the handling of crane operators.

No ground staff, permanent inventory, no more mistakes!

Optimised yards with automatic cranes

  • Fluxx gives assignments to automatic cranes.
  • Fluxx follows or controls all the equipment: conveyors, transfer cars, etc
  • Fluxx's Artificial Intelligence optimises the movements of all handling equipment to feed and evacuate lines, load and unload transports, and anticipate loading programmes and plans.

More capacity, less handling, less staff!

Truck management

  • Fluxx takes care of the reception of the truck drivers in "self-service" mode.
  • Fluxx directs the trucks to the site.
  • Fluxx anticipates loadings and unloadings.
  • Fluxx automates the passage through the weighbridge and generates the transport documents.

Reduction of logistics personnel and reduction of truck waiting times.

Optimisation of product movements across the entire site

  • Fluxx dynamically selects routes according to the availability of resources, their cost and their speed...
  • Fluxx selects products to maximise the load, minimise handling, deliver on time...

Smooth product flow, tighter supply chain, less stock!

Our clients have measured

Warehouse Management System


Inventory error


Person on the ground

+ 30%

Stock capacity

- 90%

Damaged products

+ 35%

Transfer capability

+ 50%

Hot slab loading

Transport Management System

- 70%

Waiting for trucks


Shipping error


Reception staff

+ 5%

Transport load

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