Optimisation software suite for Industry 4.0

Your challenge: the agile factory

Industry 4.0 is on the move!

Automation, robotisation, IoT are becoming more widespread in the workshops. The factory is now connected: screens, tablets become production tools and paper disappears with one objective: to become an agile factory.

In factories, production management, performance measurement or quality assurance and control must be reliable and available in real time. The objective is:

  • Give operators the tools they need to manage their production.
  • Provide management with the means to act and anticipate.
  • Present management with a synthetic vision for the long term.

One ambition:
connected factory – zero re-keying

A true bridge between your production resources (PLCs, IIoT) and your software tools (ERP, EDM, CMMS…), Cockpit 4.0 integrates into your systems for smooth operation without re-keying.

Cockpit 4.0 is a modular M.E.S. solution for production management. Since each plant is unique, Cockpit 4.0 is configured to adapt to your production organisation in a step-by-step process.

Modular software suite

Cockpit Production

  • Real-time production plan
  • Multi-workshop scheduling
  • Critical resource management

Cockpit Performance

  • Measuring the activity of production resources
  • Real time
  • 360° analysis

Cockpit Quality

  • Control plan
  • Traceability
  • Batch file

Complementary tools

Modules for advanced projects

Paperless factory

  • Digitalised instructions
  • Always up-to-date contextual information

Action plan and handbook

  • Follow-up of production incidents
  • Passing information between teams
  • Knowledge base

Steering of logistics flows

  • Synchronisation on production
  • Just-in-time supply
  • AGV control

Process control

  • Sending instructions
  • Advanced control
  • Modelling - Digital Twin

Software for Industry 4.0


From simple line performance monitoring to synchronising your entire production, Cockpit 4.0 evolves with your needs.


Product fully configurable by business users. User interface adjusted to needs.


Possibility to extend the software to meet specific business needs.

Real-time information for all

Mobile device

  • Access to summaries
  • Quick declarations

Industrial panel PC

  • Touch input
  • Display of overviews

Large screen

  • Workshop summary
  • Information sharing

Ruggedised tablets

  • Controls
  • Production documents

Office PC

  • All information via a simple web browser

Tap into the potential
of Cockpit 4.0

The Cockpit web interface is particularly user-friendly.

With screens dedicated to operators, Cockpit can present information in the most appropriate form: dashboards on the line, real-time summary screens in the workshops, batch records for production and quality, analysis tools for maintenance, production, management control, and management, etc.

Cockpit is a true collaboration tool for manufacturers.

Cockpit can be configured by the business managers, which guarantees autonomy for future developments!

Cockpit-interface-operateur Cockpit-planning-production Cockpit-exemple-rapport Cockpit-Justification-Perte-Performance

Our clients have measured

> 5%

Increase in OEE in 3 months


Supply errors


Motivation of operators

+ 8%

Reduction of direct labour

> 80%

Reduction of scheduling time

< 2h

Batch release

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