Fluxx. It’ s our customers who talk about it the best!

Read the testimonial of BAO Steel, Shanghai (China) and its fully automated slab yard with 6 cranes. Application developed in collaboration with Schneider Electric. First Fluxx application outside Europe and the largest Fluxx project to date.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Why invest in a WMS ? Today, the world steel industry is under great pressure to reduce costs. After having worked hard on the production tools, the industrialists consider the […]

Transport Management System (TMS)

A control tower to supervise the logistics of a site, dream or reality? The transport of internal or external material on a steel site represents a significant number of activities, […]

Transport Management System (TMS)

The 5 challenges of transport management on steel sites The transport of goods has always been an expensive part of the logistics supply chain. The steel industry is no exception […]