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    Your site

    Is your factory organised as plant areas with fixed workstations or according to projects over a few weeks with irregular tasks?

    How many people are managed under all contracts combined (permanent, fixed term and temps)?

    What is the average number of people managed per team?

    Do the jobs require multiple skills with versatility amongst the teams?

    Is the industry or are certain jobs highly regulated and dependent on qualifications that must be renewed?

    Do you need to manage your staff training in line with the workload in your plant areas?


    Is your production subject to great variability in workload over the week or over the year?

    Does your site have strenuous workstations with a workload that must be shared amongst several people?

    Do you use temporary staff?

    Current solution

    How is staff scheduling currently done?

    How many people are involved in the planning of your employees?

    What is the current weekly workload dedicated to creating and reviewing the assignment schedule for your workforce?

    How do you share information between the different people involved: production, cost control, human resources, payroll, maintenance?

    How do you analyse your assignment history?

    Specify any useful information: