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For more than 40 years, Agrana Fruit France has been the market leader in the manufacture of fruit preparations for fresh dairy products. Agrana has been named “Supplier of the Year” by Danone France for several consecutive years. Synthetis is no stranger to this recognition. Indeed, Agrana has been using Synthetis solutions in 3 of its factories, in France and in Egypt, for almost 12 years. Synthetis met Agrana in 2007.

From then on, the projects will follow one another…

Automated control of container sterilization:

  • Time saving,
  • Faster and safer automated batch release,
  • Reduction of energy consumption.

Automation of HACCP controls in packaging:

  • Time saving,
  • Manual release of non-conforming batches by the quality manager based on the electronic batch record.

Design of operating ranges:

  • Replacement of old tools that are not sustainable,
  • Fine management of recipe versions.

Baking recipe management :

  • Step-by-step guidance of operations during production,
  • Traceability of operator interventions and process parameters,
  • Control of automats according to recipes.

Transition to SAP:

  • Replacement of the ERP without stopping production,
  • Complete integration with SAP,
  • Ability to reschedule production orders according to the real time reality of the plant.

Evolution of the cooking process:

  • Sending of instructions to the automats by operations and phases of the recipes,
  • Possibility of recipe evolution without modifying the PLC programs.

The Synthetis Methodology

Beyond the development and implementation of projects, Synthetis is first and foremost a response strategy to specific needs.

– Understanding the global problem,

– Responding step by step to the objectives,

– Putting into service in successive phases without stopping production,

– Synchronize the company’s various projects: new ERP, new processes, customer requirements, etc.

– To maintain the projects thanks to its support team.

Today, Agrana

– Has the means to respond quickly to customer requests regarding a supplied batch,

– Reduces its energy consumption

– Can quickly set up new ranges,

– Enjoys flexibility in the evolution of its process,

– Saves time,

– Reduced errors.

Thanks to an efficient partnership between automation specialists, industrial IT, quality, methods… and production, the production management functionalities were added successively without stopping production. A global project structured and stabilized step by step.

But let’s leave the final word to the users

“We have been working with Synthetis for many years and we are still happy to continue doing so… Synthetis listens to our problems and needs, which is an essential quality in the industrial sector. They have listened at length to the wishes of the players in the field, which we had not always taken into account when drawing up the specifications. Taking into account all these details, the construction of the initial project, as well as the vision of future steps were guided by the experience of Synthetis. This listening was the price we had to pay to guarantee an adapted and highly efficient solution. “

Vincent Gallego – Former Director of Operations