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Mathematics for production!

A case of real time optimization of batches.

One of our customers, active in the food industry, asked us for a solution to optimize its batch production process in order to :

  • Guarantee the composition of the semi-finished product: constant consistency, physico-chemical characteristics and stable taste
  • Minimize the cost of the formulation by making the best use of the available raw materials

Synthetis realized for this project :

  • The mathematical optimization of the formulas taking into account multiple constraints: availability, price, physico-chemical composition, batch size… (use of Simplex and MIPS algorithms)
  • The automation of the creation of master formulations.
  • Automatic integration of reworks according to the stock

In the end, rapid benefits including

  • Substantial reduction of the cost price
  • Much less rework generated
  • Increased packaging performance due to better product stability
  • Time saving for production preparation