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Industrial management control. How to get accurate informations ?

The missions of the Management Controller in an industrial environment generally consist of analysing production processes in order to optimise costs, drawing up control dashboards and ensuring the relevance of control indicators in order to analyse any discrepancies as quickly as possible and propose corrective actions.

In addition, the Management Controller participates in leading and coordinating the process for drawing up budgets. He collects and synthesises budget data from the operational departments.

You still need to have the right tools at your disposal !

Controlling your budget…

In order to meet budgetary labour standards, the company must have indicators, otherwise it lacks benchmarks, like a car driving through the night with all its lights off. An example of an indicator is the number of working hours per tonne produced. In this way, it is possible to calculate as closely as possible the need for direct and indirect labour in order to adjust workshop resources. It is also possible to pool the resources of several workshops in order to better fit the needs of each. And human resources means costs. This is therefore an appreciable source of possible savings on a daily basis.

Managing the work done …

A gold mine too rarely exploited! This best sums up the wealth of information available in the workshops. Admittedly, this information is disparate, but a real management of staff deployment allows all this data to be gathered and used. These analyses will benefit those in charge of management control, production, training, staff delegation, payroll management…, all so that everyone has precise information to objectify their speech, decisions and actions.

By exploiting the full potential of the PeopleForce solution, the constrained planning software developed by Synthetis, you can work efficiently and meet the challenge of optimal management control on a daily basis. Make the most of your track record. Analyse your planning statistics. Around a tool common to all the company’s players!

With PeopleForce, all the information useful for planning and monitoring your production agents is shared. This makes it easy for you to collaborate between departments.