A staff scheduling solution for industry – a complementary tool to your favorite time management solution?

The time management solutions have a personnel planning offer. None of them has an offer focused on the industrial sector.

Managing personnel in the industry – who will be assigned to which workstation in the coming days – is not an easy task.

It is not only a question of having individual rotations and absence events for each employee! These are the only known elements of time management.

It is also necessary to finely model the load of the lines in order to have an accurate staffing requirement, including special schedules: start-up, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

To build an effective assignment, business constraints and operational preferences must also be modeled.

Among the usual business constraints, we can mention: having the right skills and authorizations, respecting medical restrictions…

As for operational preferences, we generally find: using titular employees in their position if possible, using temporary workers according to the strategy linked to seasonality or workload, favouring continuity in certain positions, maintaining versatility, respecting fairness and taking into account arduousness in order to favour a better social climate…

PeopleForce, the software solution of personnel planning dedicated to the industry, integrates all these subtilities. Moreover, PeopleForce integrates perfectly with your time management.

Finally, PeopleForce integrates the placement of temporary staff, whether they are managed in time management as your CDI & CDD or not.

Do you want to know more? … https://synthetis.com/en/peopleforce/

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