PeopleForce focuses on workplace learning management

PeopleForce, a staff planning management tool acclaimed by food manufacturers, now focuses on the management of training at the workplace

The staff schedule, what is it about?

Complex work schedules? Many skills ? Variable workshop load ? Fluctuating use of temporary staff ? Arduousness of some jobs ? Complex RTT agreement ? High seasonality ? Difficulty in sharing personnel between workshops ?

If you recognize yourself in some of the questions above, it is because the realization of the personnel planning is an arduous and often time-consuming activity in your company. Then the potential of an efficient organization based on a software to structure and perpetuate the planning is great!

PeopleForce has today proven its value in many industries, singularly the food industry, where the workforce is often large and staff scheduling complex.

PeopleForce is the standard for tracking skills, clearances, medical restrictions… influencing the assignment of personnel to workstations.

Job training integrated with scheduling?

Once a training program has been formalized, it still needs to be implemented: outsourced or in-house training, but especially on-the-job training. These training sessions are sometimes carried out with the trainee as a double, with a specific trainer as a double or not… Complex to organize when the line does not run every day – all the more so when you want to maintain a “trainee-trainer” pair throughout the training…

PeopleForce now allows the complete management of training, the practical organization of external, internal and workplace training.

Shared Responsibility

The organization of the allocation of personnel to the production lines is generally the responsibility of the production manager. As for the responsibility of training management, it is generally shared between human resources and operational managers.

PeopleForce is a collaborative business tool allowing all the actors to manage in a practical way a number of aspects: training catalog, development of the training plan, organization of off-the-job training, online training, follow-up of completed training…

What can be gained from a schedule management tool with integrated learning management?

No more files with the personnel not up to date, the organization of a training while the person is on leave… PeopleForce allows everyone to work on the same information, avoiding to cancel expensive trainings.

PeopleForce allows the integration of positions for trainers and trainees in duplication with production workstations, simplifying the management of the schedule.It is now much easier to organize priority training without delay, to anticipate retirements, to renew certifications or CACES…

Training follow-up: icing on the cake

For the trainings realized by external organisms or by internal teams, PeopleForce allows the follow-up of the enrolment. For the trainings at the workstation, PeopleForce allows to record during the training the criteria met: format changes, cleaning, particular adjustments, types of production… On this basis, the validation at the workstation can be easily realized.

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