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PeopleForce takes up residence in Montreal!

For some time now, Synthetis, editor of the PeopleForce industrial personnel planning software, has been looking for an opportunity to meet Quebec industrialists! Indeed, Canadian industrial companies are very similar to their European cousins. The main sectors are similar, the same type of work organization and, above all, the same issues and needs in terms of high-performance software tools to manage the many challenges that factories 4.0 will have to face tomorrow

In a study conducted by Deloitte and E&B Data in May 2019 (published by MCI magazine), it appears that the current major problem for Canadian companies is the scarcity of manpower. Furthermore, the study mentions that there is a mismatch between the required skills and experience. Qualified personnel with experience are therefore extremely difficult to find. This is where the smart factory comes into its own. Yet, it is also mentioned that 32% of manufacturing companies in Quebec in 2017 had never heard of 4.0 and 76% said they had no plan or strategy related to automation. However, for several years, massive awareness and information efforts have been made.

It is with this in perspective that Synthetis decided to go ahead and make Quebec manufacturers aware of the many challenges met by PeopleForce software, an innovative solution for optimizing the placement of production personnel! The PeopleForce solution allows manufacturers to configure their own optimization solution for their manufacturing and packaging lines… The manufacturer describes the constraints to be respected, the assignment preferences, the layout of the schedule… so that the assignment can be done automatically in a few seconds. Benefits at all levels In addition to the time saving to realize the staff planning, PeopleForce brings a real flexibility, while guaranteeing a planning in conformity with the production standards. The scheduler can focus on value-added tasks, relying on a robust tool that eliminates any human error. The better use of the available skills often implies a gain in productivity. Translated with (free version)

From now on in the field … As soon as we set foot on Canadian soil, our colleague Méryl Balihe, based in Montreal for a few months, is busy meeting with local manufacturers to present this solution. On site, in individual presentations or through webinars, Méryl will discuss with you the many possibilities offered by the software to meet the challenges of planning under constraints. Do not hesitate to contact her ( and join the numerous industrialists who already trust PeopleForce, such as Fleury-Michon, Ferrero, Bledina, GSK, Dow… Translated with (free version)

Want to know more about Meryl? Discover her portrait in this short video!