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Synthetis – The power of a team! [Episode 3]

Any project to deploy IT solutions for industries, whatever its size and ambitions, requires strong business expertise, flexibility and controlled management of its progress.

During the project, the accompaniment, step by step, of the customer is an essential element in the handling of the tool aiming at quickly reaching a full autonomy in the daily management of the product.
The deployment of these projects “Industry 4.0” is not a sequence of ‘copy and paste’ from one factory to another. The context, issues and constraints are different each time! The challenges of this type of project lie mainly in the fact that the deployment of any new solution and the resulting change management must always be implemented while limiting the impact on production as much as possible. The implementation phases cannot constrain production. The role of the consultant accompanying the customer in the implementation of the solution is therefore essential to its harmonious deployment.

At Synthetis, we talk about project coordination rather than project management. Because it is on the basis of our proximity to the business, our ability to understand our customers’ business and to identify the challenges and constraints of production that we guide the deployment of your projects in an efficient and appropriate manner. This is how our teams design and deploy innovative solutions for industry optimization.

Guillaume Ortegat is one of the links of the PeopleForce team, our staff scheduling optimization software for industry. Pragmatic, reassuring and always smiling, even during the more sustained project phases, Guillaume likes to be in the field to listen to his customers’ needs. Let’s discover his profile …