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Resources adapted to each situation

As we already noted in our article on the Operator Cockpit, “The value of a well-thought-out operator cockpit,” structured information communicated to the right person at the right time is a guarantee of increased responsiveness and therefore performance. However, the resources used to communicate must be adapted to the situation and the end user’s profile…

Typical situation

Although we are nowadays bombarded with “industry 4.0”, we still see a significant gap between the digital offer which is becoming more and more democratized and the reality of the industrial field still organized as follows:

  • – Paper on a desk: at the place where the operator is most often located – strategic point to drive his line or his machine.
  • – PC in a “phone booth”: historical way of sheltering a PC or thin client / remote terminal. Not very practical or visual.
  • – Bulletin board on the periphery of the production floor. Paper display updated daily – at best.

Current trend

The trend is reversing. Manufacturers are becoming aware that by reorganizing the workshop and making information transfers more fluid in an ergonomic and targeted manner, there is an immediate gain in performance. But also, this has an impact on the social climate because information shared in the right way and at the right time removes unnecessary stress often linked to “blind” line management…

  • Digitalization – paperless factory. The challenge of collecting information and making the most of it.
  • Information sharing: enable real-time action based on current information, rather than reacting to summaries from the day before, last week, last month….
  • Ergonomics: collecting digitalized information in a highly ergonomic format is faster than paper.
  • Fashion effect: take advantage of the fact that staff is now used to using a smart phone, even for the older ones 😉 The technological barrier to entry is lower.

The value of a well-made dashboard

A successful digitalization project requires an ergonomic presentation that is highly researched for the situation.

Humans are like that: if it’s easier to use than the current paper, adoption will be quick.

Making input for an operator easier, faster and triggered by a system linked to the machines makes the information all the more more reliable.

Current Solutions

As you will see, the digital offer has diversified, offering solutions adapted to each situation but also to each budget.

  • Panel PC Touch:
    • – The Touch Panel PC has become a commodity with a plethora of offerings.
  • Rugged Tablet
    • – Wide offer, for all budgets,
  • Terminal mobile
    • – The terminal-in-the-pocket revolution is now reaching production.
  • Large Screen
    • – Wide range, also used in the trade, fast-foods…
  • Classical PC or thin terminal.
    • – Became a facility.

Our recommendations for the right equipment for every situation

  • Mobile 
    • – Suitable for controls where the operator is very mobile, long line…
  • Tablet :
    • – A very trendy device, which many production managers want to introduce in their workshops.
  • Touch screen or “panel PC”
    • – Suitable for operators who have a relatively fixed workstation.
  • PC in the factory floor
    • – Solution économique pour un environnement non agressif.
  • Large Screen
    • – Ideal solution for sharing information in real time.
  • Desktop PC
    • – Permet à tous les intervenants de disposer de l’information en temps réel.

In conclusion, investing in adequate equipment coupled with a solution such as Cockpit 4.0. , it’s profitable!

  • – More conscientious operator
  • – Improved information
  • – Faster reaction time
  • – Performance gain
  • – Stronger quality control