Schedule and know-how management for industry


Forget your many
Excel files!

Whatever your sector, PeopleForce software helps you manage your employees’ skills and set up your teams more easily.

Ensure you have the right skill set and are encouraging versatility. Comply with local legal regulations and constraints. Guarantee fairness and ensure that physical demands are appropriate.

With PeopleForce you can create optimised schedules in no time and communicate them effectively on large screens, smartphones, etc.

And PeopleForce is a collaborative tool that combines a number of functions: scheduling, skills & authorisation management and the organisation of training activities.

Managing know-how
An up-to-date reference tool!

Simulate workstations: skills, authorisations, certifications, medical restrictions, etc.
Access employee versatility matrices easily
Anticipate developments and keep track of changes

Automated scheduling
for greater efficiency

A single scheduling system for the whole company

Optimise the number of employees and temporary workers assigned

Balance the over time and share the arduous work

Improve fairness and contribute to social peace

Increase your performance with better use of skills

Eliminate scheduling errors

Training management

Organise training courses to:

  • Address the erosion of skills
  • Anticipate the expiry of authorisations
  • Ensure staff development
  • Meet strategic needs

Organise training sessions, monitor progress and validate skills

Integrate external, internal and on-the-job training into the staff schedule

Tap into the potential of

With a visual inspired by Office, PeopleForce is a user-friendly and easy-to-use piece of planning software.
Work efficiently!
Thanks to PeopleForce, all the information useful for the planning and the follow-up of your production agents is shared. You collaborate easily between departments.
Integrated with your business solutions and fully customisable, PeopleForce easily adapts to the evolution of your plant.

PeopleForce-Ouvertures PeopleForce-Affectation PeopleForce-Calendrier

Communicate effectively

  • Publish schedules on employees' smartphones
  • Display schedules on large screens in the factory

Interface your time management

  • Permanent and temporary staff
  • Calendar
  • Counters

Compose your reports

  • Leverage your history
  • Analyse your planning statistics
  • Synthesise your needs

Simulate to better anticipate

  • Seasonality
  • Leave
  • CountersRead more about our personnel planning and know-how management for industry

Validation of the assignments

  • Validate the assignments made in a few clicks
  • Distribute the activities to the cost centres

Temporary workers

  • Easily manage temporary labour
  • Work closely with your temporary employment agencies

> 70%

Time saving in the development of schedules

< 1 year

Return on investment


Replaced Excel files per site


Assignment error

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    Read more about our personnel planning and know-how management for industry

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